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House Plants: a necessity in the modern home today

House plants were a main feature in my Nana’s home when I was young.  It transformed her flat into an oasis.

Best low maintenance houseplants NZ Moffatts ChCh

What are the best low maintenance houseplants for beginners?

Over the years, houseplants have evolved to adapt to their environments - meaning not all of them require bright, natural light or a stable watering routine. We’ve outlined our top 10 houseplants that will still thrive in sub-optimal environments.

How to repot houseplants easy steps

How To Repot Your Houseplants

Repotting your houseplants can feel like a tricky task if you’ve never done it before, but it is not as daunting as it seems. Follow along with these easy steps to make your next planting afternoon as easy and fun as possible.

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How to care for Fittonia's

For an uplifting pop of colour in your kitchen, bathroom, or even workspace, nothing compares to Fittonia verschaffeltii houseplants. The delicately veined leaves often result in this plant being nicknamed “nerve plant” or “mosaic plant”.
Houseplant care tips winter

How to prepare houseplants for the Winter

From one houseplant lover to another - here’s a few practical tips that you can implement over these frosty and sombre months.
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How to care for Monstera Deliciosa's

Native to Mexico, the Monstera Deliciosa is an exotic, indoor houseplant with large, leathery leaves.
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How to care for Philodendrons

Philodendron’s have robust foliage and long roots, making them a low-maintenance house plant.
Phalaenopsis Orchid houseplant care

How to care for Phalaenopsis Orchids

These plants make truly stunning floral statements, the end result is an exquisite yet unexpected gift appropriate for any special occasion. 
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How to Care for Carnivorous House Plants

These climbing plants typically take on the form of a vine, with various fly traps hanging from the vine – uniquely beautiful!
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Why house plants improve your mood and your living conditions

Exposure to nature has been proven to make humans more altruistic and calm.