Indoor plants can be beneficial to us in various ways, including purifying the air, bringing a sense of tranquility indoors, and adding a splash of colour to what used to be a dull corner of the house. However many people are under the assumption that their home is not favorable for growing plants.

Over the years, houseplants have evolved to adapt to their environments - meaning not all of them require bright, natural light or a stable watering routine. We’ve outlined our top 10 houseplants that will still thrive in sub-optimal environments, making them perfect for green-thumb newbies.

best low maintenance house plants NZ

Philodendron Green Princess

With various kinds of Philodendrons on the market, there is bound to be one to suit every indoor aesthetic. We love the ‘Green Princess’, which has sturdy, robust foliage - making it the perfect statement piece in your home or office. The Green Princess requires less maintenance than other philodendron species due to its low watering needs. In fact, it will not mind missing a few waterings and can easily bounce back - especially in the colder months. Avoid over-watering and do not allow the plant to sit in water as this can lead to root-rot.

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easy care philodendron

Ficus Benjamina

Ficus benjamina, commonly known as weeping fig are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to houseplants This on trend plant instantly adds flair to any indoor environment ideal for both home and work. With variegated or green weeping figs available there is an option to suit any preference. These ‘set-and-forget’ houseplants prefer to be slightly dry so you don't have to worry about frequent watering. Because this houseplant ‘drinks’ through its leaves, you can occasionally mist them to promote growth.  Place in bright indirect sunlight but avoid rooms that frequently change in temperature.

Ficus benjamina nz

Calathea Makoyana

The ever-changing colours and patterns on the leaves of Calathea bring an abundance of options for houseplant newbies - one of our personal favourites being the Calathea Makoyana. Coming from the prayer plant family, this houseplant is known to move its leaves up and down at night in a prayer-like motion! The leaves are sturdy making the plant very robust. They can tolerate slightly-shady conditions but this will slow the speed of growth. Water a few times a week – only when the top layer of soil becomes dry.

calathea makoyana nz

Peperomia Obtusifolia Red Edge

Because they favour warm and humid environments, peperomias are well suited to be placed in your bathroom. One of our favourite varieties is the Peperomia Obtusifolia Red Edge. The thick robust leaves will thrive under fluorescent lights – making them perfect for apartments or offices without much natural light. Adding to the easy-care tendencies is the limited amount of water required. You should only water once the top layer of soil has dried out.

peperomia houseplant


Syngonium’s add a lovely depth and splash of colour to indoor space while also being very easy-care. They are very tolerant of low-light making them perfect for shaded corners of your home. But they do require frequent watering. In the growing period you will need to water a few times a week. In the Winter, you can drop back to once a fortnight. While they may start as slow-growing plants, once established the vines can shoot out in every direction - adding a great dimension to your space. If you prefer to maintain the ‘bushy’ look, simply prune the vines when they become leggy.

syngonium houseplant nz

Monstera Deliciosa

Whether you are new to the houseplant game, or an avid enthusiast - it’s highly likely that you have heard of the Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant). Monsteras are easy going houseplants that are generally pest-free. While they will thrive in bright but indirect light, they can still tolerate a slightly shaded environment. Only water when the top 2-3cm of soil has dried out. While they can get big quickly they are very easy to cut back and propagate.

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monstera deliciosa swiss cheese plant

Dracaena Massagena Marley

It’s not every day that you hear of a houseplant being nicknamed ‘happy plant’. The Dracaena Massagena Marley got this nickname due to its extremely easy-care tendencies and the ability to bounce back despite its surroundings. Coming from the cane family, Massagena’s do prefer to be kept on the drier side, making them the perfect option for offices where heat pumps may be used for long periods of time. Just keep them warm but avoid placing them in direct sunlight as this could cause the leaves to burn. Massagena’s will start small but can eventually grow to heights of 1.5 metres – adding a tropical vibe to your indoor environment.

Dracaena Massagena Marley


Don’t be intimated by anthuriums. While the stunning colourful spathes (flowers) may give the impression that these would be hard to care for anthuriums are actually very low-maintenance. Watering of anthuriums can be very minimal, in fact they can go a couple weeks without a drink.They do require  bright light so find a good spot then leave her to flourish. Anthuriums do not mind being relatively root-bound, meaning you can go for years without worrying about re-potting.

anthurium house plant care

Aloe Vera

If you are looking for something on the smaller side, an Aloe Vera could be the perfect option. Known for their healing properties, Aloe Vera are a commonly recognized type of succulent. With the ability to tolerate a bit of neglect, this houseplant is perfect for those who are not wanting to pick up a stringent watering routine. Just place her in a sunny spot and she will stay relatively happy. Do not water unless the top layer of soil is completely dry.

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Epipremnum Aureum Golden Pothos

With the option to hang or trail, a Golden Pothos are becoming increasingly popular for houseplant enthusiasts. Their hardy leaves are suited to bright but indirect sunlight but will still survive in shady spots. Golden Pothos are fairly drought-tolerant.You only need to water them once every 1-2 weeks when the soil has dried out. Any humidity level will work for these plants so they really are suited to various positions in your home.

variegated houseplant nz Golden Pothos

If you have any questions regarding houseplant care, please contact us through our website or on Facebook. Our talented team has a wealth of knowledge are here to help you grow healthy and happy houseplants.

22 October, 2021 — kris Gallagher