Blokes Bundle - Philodendron Imperial Green

$110.00 NZD


We’ve paired one of our striking philodendron Imperial Green's with a range of Surmanti's Men's products and delicious Van H Chocolates.  The bundle comes complete with gift-wrapping and popped into Moffatts signature delivery box to ensure safety upon arrival.

Plant Information: 

Imperial Greens have a tolerance for a variety of conditions, making them very hard to kill. However, if you really want your Philodendron to thrive, you'd be best to pop it in a well-lit room, avoiding direct sunlight hitting the leaves. This ‘set and forget’ house plant is great for those who may be more on the forgetful side when it comes to watering. Every few days will be fine, but make sure that the top few inches of soil have dried out in between watering’s. 

  • Large grade 17cm pot

View full philodendron plant care here.