Philodendron Imperial Green

$25.00 NZD


South Island Delivery Only. 

Plant Overview:

The Imperial Green Philodendron is a masterpiece of a house plant! It will grow tall with an abundance of large, shiny, glossy leaves that are sure to bring life to any space.  In addition, this plant has great air-purifying properties.  

Plant Care:

Imperial Greens have a tolerance for a variety of conditions, making them very hard to kill. However, if you really want your Philodendron to thrive, you'd be best to place it in a well-lit room, avoiding direct sunlight hitting the leaves.

There’s no need to find vacant shelf-space for this stunner.  It will do just fine sitting on the ground in a pot of your choice.  In fact, originating from the tropical rain-forests means that the Imperial Green is accustomed to partly-shady conditions.

This ‘set and forget’ house plant is great for those who may be more on the forgetful side when it comes to watering. Every few days will be fine, and make sure that the top few inches of soil have dried out in between watering’s. And yes, you can mist this one to help replicate a 'humid' environment. In fact, we think that would be greatly appreciated! 

Important Information:

Our Philodendron’s are available in both a 12cm and 17 cm Nursery Pot and come beautifully gift wrapped.

CAUTION: Toxic if ingested, so keep away from animals and small children.