Philodendron - Imperial Golden- low maintenace Plant for Home or Office

$40.00 NZD


This Philodendron variety ( Imperial Golden ) is an ideal houseplant, renowned for its hardiness and ease of care, making it an ideal choice for any home or office. Its brilliant lime green leaves gradually deepen to a lush emerald green with time, thereby adding a vivid touch to a living space. Requiring minimal management, it is a resilient addition to a variety of environments.

An ideal gift with options to buy either in a 17cm Nursery Pot or Ceramic Pot. Gift wrapped by our Florists- ready for sending.

Plant care tips:

  • Place in medium but indirect light
  • Allow soil to dry out before re watering- do not over water!
  • Enjoys humidity
  • Toxic to cats & dogs

Please note: Pot style may vary. Plants can only be sent within the South Island.