Phalaenopsis Orchid - Purple

$55.00 NZD

South Island Delivery Only. 

Our dazzling Phalaenopsis Orchids come in a square ceramic container and complimentary gift wrapping.

Phalaenopsis Orchid's are not hard to care for, as some people may think, but they do require a bit of love. Check out our phalaenopsis orchid plant care guide for best practices.

🌿 Water orchids when the top cm of Orchiata (bark) has dried out on the top of the pot.

🌿 To water orchids, thoroughly drench the pots with tap water in the sink and allow to drain.

🌿 Place your orchid in areas which are warm but not in direct sunlight (22-25°C day temperature is perfect).

🌿 To induce flowering, plants must have a drop in night time temperatures.

🌿 Orchids like to be restricted somewhat so use a pot which is approximately 2-3cm bigger in diameter at each re-pot.

🌿 Gently remove any dust from the leaves by wiping them softly with a damp cloth.