Kanara Candle- luxurious Clearwater Springs scent - A candle with a difference!

$54.99 NZD

Kanara is more than a luxurious candle - a social enterprise that gives back, with a strong focus on sustainability.


Our unique “Clearwater Springs” fragrance carries fresh, floral, feminine scents of Pink Peony, Black Orchid, Ylang Ylang & French Pear.

The sophisticated fragrance provides an intimate escape for the soul to soothe and inspire.

A natural and eco-friendly blend of soy and coconut wax is effortlessly blended with our beautiful scent selection to create stunning aromas.This is then poured into elegant frosted glass casings to accentuate the beauty of the candle.

Estimated burn time of each candle his approximately 40 hours / 300g wax weight est.

By purchasing one of these stunning candles you are also helping to support 2 local charities and a local small business. 

Kānara supports Full Bellies, a Christchurch-based charity that provides children with nutritional food that is delivered into schools. Our aim is to help Tamariki grow into happy, healthy, brave, kind and smart little people in our society.

Kānara also donates $2 for every candle sold on our store to Mental Health charities across Aotearoa New Zealand. Our first donation will be to the Mental Health Foundation who do incredible work to support people all across New Zealand.