The ever popular Ficus lyrata - Fiddle Leaf Fig

$95.00 NZD


South Island Delivery Only. 

The Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig) has thick, shiny leaves that make it a popular house plant. These plants do vary in size so please select which size you would like. Stunning plants with beautiful large lush  leaves.  It is also a great air-purifier, helping to eliminate toxins from the home. Our Fiddle Leaf plants come with the option of  a quality white or black ceramic pot or a nursery pot beautifully gift-wrapped to ensure safety upon arrival.

Please note: Pot style may vary.

Plant Care:

🌿 Place in a well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight

🌿 Be careful not to over water, as this can result in drooping leaves

🌿 Let the top layer of the soil dries up between watering

🌿 Fertilize in the growing season

🌿 Mist the leaves regularly to replicate a humid environment

🌿 Re-pot once roots start to come out of the base of the plastic pot

CAUTION: Harmful if eaten