Ficus elastica - Burgundy. The ultimate low maintenace long lasting gift for home or office.

$45.00 NZD

South Island Delivery Only. 

Plant Overview:

The stunning dark leaves on this house plant are shiny and thick, which result in its common nickname "Rubber fig". The deep green with burgundy tone leaves are stunning with a high shine that complements any interior decor scheme.

Plant Care:

Plants from the Ficus family are fairly low maintenance. That’s why we love them – they’re easy-going and good looking! What's not to love? For best growth conditions, place your Ficus Burgundy in a well-lit area but avoid putting her in direct sunlight as this could lead to burnt leaves!

Be careful not to kill this one with kindness. Literally. If you overwater your Ficus, you may start to notice sad, drooping leaves. Ensure the top layer of the soil has dried up before replenishing, then give her a good water. Fertilise in the growing season.

Misting on the other hand, is something you can’t over-do. Rubber plants love humid environments, so misting the thick leaves would actually be greatly appreciated! 

Important Information:

Our Ficus Burgundys are about 60cm in height in a 17cm pot and come complete in an elegant gift-box. They can grow up to 2.5 meters high!

CAUTION: We’re sorry to pet owners, but this beauty is toxic if ingested, so best to keep it away from animals and small children.


Delivery for this plant is only available within the South Island. We wouldn't want to risk her getting damaged while in transit! 

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