Surmanti Eco Long Burn Candle- Starfruit Lychee and Guava

$45.00 NZD

Starfruit Lychee & Guava Long Burning Eco Soy Wax Candle

Light a flame, set the mood and within minutes transform any living space with the cozy glow of our Surmanti long burning eco soy candle

Inhale the top notes of sun-kissed Starfruit and Guava. Creamy Papaya & Mango mid notes are finished in a syrupy sweet base of Lychee and Cherimoya.

Surmanti candles are hand-crafted NZ-made scented candles are created in hand made black glass (as heat, sunlight, and air are detrimental to the chemistry and effectiveness of natural products). Then meticulously tested to give off just the right amount of cozy light.

250 Grams 

Pair up this beautiful candle with a Bouquet, houseplant or Body Lotion to make your own personalised gift bundle.