Monstera Thai Constellation - rare houseplant with stunning variegation

$190.00 NZD


Monstera Thai Constellation-


An exciting Houseplant to our Collection, the stunning & highly sought after Thai Constellation - one of the most popular house plants on the market at the moment!

Plant overview:

Our Thai Constellations have well balanced growth and variegation and are currently 40cm plus in height.

The variegation in the Thai Constellation is stable unlike the Albo Variegated Monstera Deliciosa

The large variegated heart-shaped leaves get better with age as they reach the size of dinner-plates and the uniquely shaped holes start to make an appearance. 

Plant Care:

  • Monstera Thai Constellation prefer to have consistent conditions both temperature and light.
  • They require moist but not wet soil so avoid over watering. Allow the top of the soil to dry out between re watering.
  • Place in medium to bright light- avoid direct sunlight
  • As temperatures cool over Winter make sure your plant is away from cold drafts.
  • Monsteras originate from the heat of South America. Mist to encourage growth & to help replicate a 'humid' environment.

Our Monstera Thai Constellations come in a 17cm Nursery Pot and are gift wrapped by our Florists- The perfect gift! 

CAUTION: Toxic if ingested, so keep away from animals and small children.

Please note: Pot style may vary

South Island Delivery Only.