Monstera "Monkey Mask" with fern pole optional Ceramic Pot

$100.00 NZD


The Monstera "Monkey Mask" is a close relative to the Swiss Cheese Vine, but features larger, stronger leaves that are darker green as well.

Monstera Monkey Mask is an easy care pot plant with its unique foliage with lots of fenestration. Each oval shaped leaf has holes bringing interest and texture to any space.

Enjoys bright indirect light and will thrive with regular misting. Keep soil moist in warmer months.

Our large grade Monkey Mask plant comes in a 17cm pot and included is a Tree Fern Pole which encourages the vine to attach as it grows. Ceramic Pot also included for the 17cm option.

Our Tree Fern poles are sourced from the New Zealand. They are sustainably harvested, 100% natural and encourage the aerial plant roots to attach naturally.

Tree Fern poles also assist in retaining the moisture and encouraging larger leaf growth.

 Due to size this is available for Christchurch delivery only.

Please note: Pot style may vary.