Calathea Makoyana in Ceramic Pot

$40.00 NZD


South Island Delivery Only. 

The stunning leaves on this house plant make the Calathea Makoayna stand out in any environment. Coming from the prayer plant family, this houseplant is known to move it’s leaves up and down at night in a prayer-like motion!

Our Calathea Makoayna's are about 30cm in height and come complete in a cylinder ceramic pot – select from white, black, or grey. Calathea’s grow outwards, rather than upwards and usually only reach about 60cm in height.


Plant Care:

🌿 Place in a well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight

🌿 Prune brown or yellow leaves

🌿 Be careful not to overwater, as this can result in drooping leaves

🌿 Let the top layer of the soil dries up between watering's

🌿 Fertilize in the growing season

🌿 Mist the leaves regularly to replicate a humid environment

🌿 Re-pot once roots start to come out of the base of the plastic pot

Calathea's are non-toxic, so perfect for pet-owners.