Beginner Bundle

$59.00 NZD $70.00 NZD

Almost impossible to kill, these two hardy and robust houseplants are perfect for green-thumb newbies. They have been carefully paired together based on their (low) needs and come complete with perfectly sized ceramic pots. Please advise if you would like specific colour's - white, charcoal and black available. 

Plant Care:

Dracaena Massagena Marley

The Dracaena Massagena Marley is a very easy-care house plant. It will slowly grow to an impressive size, acting as a gap-filler in your home or office.

Place in bright, indirect light, avoiding harsh rays from the sun as this could burn the leaves. These plants are fairly tolerant of missing a few watering's but you should still replenish when the soil on the top becomes dry.

Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendron's are a very low-maintenance . The Xanadu variety has leathery green leaves that look great in any indoor setting. This plant will thrive in bright but indirect light. To avoid over-watering, check that the top few inches of soil are dry before watering. Mist with water periodically to help the plant grow.

Both of these plants are about 40cm high and will grow upwards.