Monstera Deliciosa

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South Island Delivery Only. 

Plant Overview:

It goes without saying that Monstera Deliciosa's are one of the most popular house plants on the market at the moment!  Also commonly known as the fruit salad plant, the architectural qualities of this beauty will bring any space to life.

The large, leathery, heart-shaped leaves get better with age as they reach the size of dinner-plates and the uniquely shaped holes start to make an appearance. 

Plant Care:

Monstera Deliciosa's have a tolerance for a variety of conditions, making them very hard to kill. However, if you really want your Monstera to thrive, you'd be best to place her in a well-lit room but avoid direct sunlight, as this may burn the leaves. Ouch! 

Be careful not to kill this one with kindness - they do not need to be consistently watered! To avoid over-watering, you can check if the top of the soil has dried up before replenishing. 

Did we mention that Monstera's originate from the heat of South America? So yes, you can mist this one to help replicate a 'humid' environment. In fact, we think that would be greatly appreciated! 

Find out More: Monstera Deliciosa Plant Care Guide.

Important Information:

Our Monstera plants range between 60-70cm in height and come gift wrapped in a 17cm nursery pot. They can grow up to 2.5 metres high!

CAUTION: Toxic if ingested, so keep away from animals and small children.