Surmanti Baby Botanicals - Bathtime Wash

$19.00 NZD

This Botanical Bath Wash is perfect for babies and infants. It helps to keep baby’s delicate skin free of unwanted irritants, bodily fluids, fecal enzymes and microbial pathogens which can lead to critical skin barrier breakdown, causing discomfort, irritation and infection.


Add a scented candle or Bouquet to this Bath wash for the ultimate new baby gift.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Chamomile Hydrosol, Organic Almond Oil,Emulsifier Wax, Glycerine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Organic Wheat Germ Oil, Organic Camellia Oil, Microcare, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Calendula Oil, Xanthan Gum *Naturally found in Essential Oil *Linalool.