Plant starter Bundle- gift for Home or Office

$45.00 NZD

New plant bundle- which is both striking and low maintenance. Chosen for ease of care and good looks making this a great gift option.

This bundle includes :

Begonia "Fireworks" which has dramatic vibrant foliage with large bold and colourful leaves.

Peperomia Polybotrya-  a sturdy robust indoor houseplant with lush & glossy green leaves making it the perfect partner for the Begonia.

Both are a compact and upright grower suited to a well lit area away from any direct sunlight. They are both very tolerant to most home or office conditions making them a great addition to any Houseplant collection. They can be easily trimmed and shaped as they grow.

Water once a week in the growing season and reduce watering in the cooler months. A good rule-of-thumb is to let the top few cm of soil dry out between watering.

The plants are in a 12cm Nursery pot and gift wrapped ready for sending.

South Island Delivery Only.