Philodendron Hope + Surmanti Gift Bundle- a long lasting gift for any occasion

$155.00 NZD


South Island Delivery Only.

This elegant gift pack comes complete with a stunning Philodendron Hope and divine gifts from the Surmanti Range. Choose from 3 amazing gift options:

  • Entire Gift Bundle (Surmanti Diffuser, Hand Cream and Body Wash)
  • Plant + Hand Cream & Body Wash
  • Plant + Surmanti Diffuser

Note: The Surmanti fragrances may vary, but style will match the photo. Pot style may vary.

Plant Information: 

Philodendron's are a very low-maintenance house plant. The Hope variety has large, leathery green leaves that look great in any indoor setting. This plant will thrive in a warm environment, with bright but indirect light. To avoid over-watering, check that the top few inches of soil are dry before watering. Mist with water periodically to help the plant grow. 

Read Philodendron plant care here.