Luxurious Ecoya Candle - -Pine scented Goldie Candle "Holiday Collection"

$29.95 NZD


It’s iconic, it’s nostalgic and it evokes all the festive feels. Fresh Pine, it’s the scent of Christmas.
The Goldie Candle has been designed with luxury and celebration in mind. Capturing the essence of the festive season, fresh pine needles come together with rich newly sawn forest woods, rosewood, citrus and cedar.

Our Holiday Collection fragrances are poured into a covetable brushed gold vessel, a limited edition vessel available for the holiday season. The large Goldie Candle provides a delicately scented burn for up to 90 hours.

Option two sizes of candles to suit any budget. The mini candle is a cute gift or add it to a Bouquet or Houseplant to create your very own Bundle. (Mini Candle is 105gm)