Sometimes you don’t know what you are missing in life until you have it. Houseplants are one of those things. They sneak into your life as a gift from a friend or a random purchase from your local supermarket, then all of a sudden, you can’t imagine your space without them. This Father’s Day, give the gift your Dad doesn’t know he needs – the gift of green. With so many Indoor Plant varieties on the market, we’ve got you covered with this list of our top 5 houseplants for men.

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Philodendron Imperial Green

Philodendrons are great for providing a burst of colour and making homes livelier. Here at Moffatts, the Imperial Green seems to be a bit of a crowd favourite. It’s large, leathery leaves and quick growing tendencies make this plant suited to a range of aesthetics. It doesn’t take a houseplant expert to know that Philodendrons are super easy care - a quick Google Search for ‘low maintenance houseplants’ will flood your screen with suggestions of Philodendrons. Perfect for houseplant newbies (or forgetful Dads!)

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Peace Lily

It can be hard to articulate just how much plants can transform a house or office until you see them in your space. A Peace Lily is undoubtedly one of those plants that brings a room to life. Peace Lilies are one of the species that don’t demand a lot of attention and are often considered low-maintenance, which is why we think Dad’s would love them. Not only this, but Peace Lilies often bring a sense of accomplishment when you notice their lovely spathes (flowers) making an appearance. They are the type of plant you will love giving, and a gift that your Dad can love for years.

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Philodendron Birkin

Oftentimes, the best gifts in life convey thoughtfulness and have a little bit of character. The striking Philodendron Birkin ticks both of these boxes – with its impressive variegated leaves and easy-care tendencies. The sturdy leaves make Birkin’s very robust, and able to tolerate slightly shady conditions. Therefore, they make great office plants, so perfect for your Dad’s office or at home desktop. Water once a week in the growing season and reduce watering in the cooler months.

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Spider Plant

Spider Plants are hardy and low-maintenance, meaning they will thrive in a variety of conditions. With the choice of hanging or potting these plants, they can easily match any indoor aesthetic. We would opt for the hanging option as it has been said that hanging Spider Plants in the kitchen will bring abundance and prosperity. In addition, Spider Plants are great at purifying the air and removing harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide, fomaldehyde and xylene.

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Peperomia Obstulifia Red Edge

If you want to add a bit of personality to your gift, you could opt for a Peperomia Obtusifolia Red Edge. Every houseplant brings a different presence and persona to an indoor space and we like to think of the Peperomia as a bit of a cool dude. What’s more, Peperomia’s will survive with minimal watering, so perfect for the Dads who aren’t yet up with this popular houseplant craze.

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, this is your opportunity to show your Dad, Grandad, or Father figure just how much you appreciate them. Give the gift of green this year with Moffatts thoughtfully curated houseplant gift bundles.

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