Fittonia & Syngonium Bundles

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South Island Delivery Only. 

Brighten up your indoor space by stocking up on our popular, easy-care Fittonia’s and syngonium’s. With a variance of textures and patterns available, our expert florists will select a mix of colours to make up your desired bundle. Plants come in their plastic nursery pots.

Choose between the option of:

  • Syngonium Bundle - 3 or 6
  • Fittonia Bundle - 3 or 6
  • Mixed Bundle - 3 or 6 

Our 3-packs are perfect for dispersing around the house, while the 6-packs are great for dividing between friends, or keeping aside for that next gifting opportunity.

Plant Care:


Syngonium’s are easy-care, fast growing indoor plants. Due to the uniquely pointed foliage, syngonium’s are often referred to as “arrow head plants”.  They are very tolerant of low-light conditions, making them great for adding a burst of colour to shaded corners of the house.


Fittonia (Nerve Plants) are tolerant of low-light conditions, but will truly thrive when placed in a warm, well-lit area. Water every few days in the growing season and reduce watering in the cooler months. You can occasionally mist with water to replicate humid environments.

General Plant Care for Fittonia's and Syngonium's:

🌿 Place in a well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight

🌿 Prune brown or yellow leaves

🌿 Be careful not to overwater, as this can result in drooping leaves

🌿 Let the top layer of the soil dries up between watering's

🌿 Fertilize in the growing season

🌿 Re-pot once roots start to come out of the base of the plastic pot

Find out More: Fittonia Plant Care Guide